A Little Bit of Everything

Today we got to do a bit of everything, in preparation for tomorrow I suppose. The saddle was on and there was no fighting the bit today. We started with bending our neck (the right side is definitely our sticky side), we turned on our forehand like a princess and turned on our hind quarters like a boss. Lunging was pretty good but after getting to canter, our excitement got the best of us for a bit but we are still just a baby so that is to be expected from time to time. In the end we were stopping on command and putting our full attention on the human so we ended on a good note in the arena.

To cool down the bridle came off (saddle stayed on) and we went for a hike to get used to being saddled somewhere other than the arena. I plan to ride trails plenty so I wanted to let her see what the trails are like with all of the construction vehicles at the moment. She didn’t seem to care and was relaxed enough to keep putting her nose in my hand as we walked. After our hike we went back to the stall, untacked, and munched on some of the green grass before getting fresh water, groomed and showing off a new fly mask that protects her pink nose.


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