Left Side Dominant

I don’t work until later in the afternoon so I took the opportunity to ride. She is the best little mare! She was much more responsive today after our ‘refresher’ the other day. Neck reining is a breeze and turning on our haunches is easier for her now.

We are still working on backing straight, bending our neck and a few minor things. Aside from that we cantered today! When I first asked for it on her left lead, she took the lead no problem but ducked her head down like she was ready to kick out her back legs. I just pushed her forward and she framed up. Now her right lead is a different story. It took us a few tries to get the correct lead and when we finally did, there was a little bit of a fight to keep it. But again, I put more leg on her and pushed her forward and cantered her out a bit to get her used to that right lead. We ended on that note and went for a short trail ride to cool down. 🙂

P.S. Sorry, I didn’t get video or photos today :/ But here is a cute one of her.



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