Building a bond


Wow… so much has been happening. Coming twice a day. Getting him out to explore his new environment as much as possible. Practicing constant join up.. making sure he is always with me and not off somewhere else. Walking with other people. Running in turnouts with other horses. Tying to posts everywhere and getting baths in all the wash racks because when we travel to do trail rides and clinics, he can’t be attached to the idea of how he only ever gets tied to one specific post and only gets baths in one wash rack. Have to constantly change things up on him and not let him anticipate what he thinks we are going to do or where we are going to go. We have found a western saddle that fits the both of us! (Score) and the biggest milestone for me is… this morning.. I pulled up, watched him stretch and then lay down… he let me come in his stall and sit on the ground next to him for about 10 minutes. I even got up to do something and he just laid there, I came back and he let me lean against him. The trust is building, the bond is building, my heart is beating harder for this animal.

Thank you God.


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