Building a bond

Wow… so much has been happening. Coming twice a day. Getting him out to explore his new environment as much as possible. Practicing constant join up.. making sure he is always with me and not off somewhere else. Walking with other people. Running in turnouts with other horses. Tying to posts everywhere and getting baths … More Building a bond

Shoo Flies!!

AHHH!!! The flies are emerging! With all the rain we had here in SoCal, there is a bit more standing water than normal so the mozzies and the flies are awful. No matter how much fly repellent I put on her legs, the flies still swarmed them, so I bought her a stylish pair of … More Shoo Flies!!

Mani Pedi

So it has been a long time and I apologize but life happened as it does to us all. So after the clean bill of health from the vet, Miss Odette had a visit from the farrier. I had no idea how it would go but the absence of notes from the shelter led me … More Mani Pedi


So Miss Odette and I went on our first adventure and trailered out to a trail in Oceanside. She did so well! It was a lot for her to take in but she handled it like a champion. Even with explosions near by she wasn’t phased and stayed sure-footed through the entire thing! A few … More Bombproof

Family hike!

We went for an hour long hike this morning. Got a little bit lost, learned that Doc is a slow poke and Nala (my minpin) is a wonderful trail dog. I got really hot and started taking my layers off and didn’t want to carry them so I remembered I have a horse with a … More Family hike!