Shoo Flies!!

AHHH!!! The flies are emerging! With all the rain we had here in SoCal, there is a bit more standing water than normal so the mozzies and the flies are awful. No matter how much fly repellent I put on her legs, the flies still swarmed them, so I bought her a stylish pair of … More Shoo Flies!!

Mani Pedi

So it has been a long time and I apologize but life happened as it does to us all. So after the clean bill of health from the vet, Miss Odette had a visit from the farrier. I had no idea how it would go but the absence of notes from the shelter led me … More Mani Pedi


So Miss Odette and I went on our first adventure and trailered out to a trail in Oceanside. She did so well! It was a lot for her to take in but she handled it like a champion. Even with explosions near by she wasn’t phased and stayed sure-footed through the entire thing! A few … More Bombproof

Left Side Dominant

I don’t work until later in the afternoon so I took the opportunity to ride. She is the best little mare! She was much more responsive today after our ‘refresher’ the other day. Neck reining is a breeze and turning on our haunches is easier for her now. We are still working on backing straight, … More Left Side Dominant

I’m Alive!

I was supposed to wait for my partner in crime, Darian, but the excitement got the better of me! I hopped on a few minutes before she arrived. I’M SORRY! I couldn’t take it any longer. So it is definitely not this girls first rodeo. She can turn on her haunches, turn on her forehand … More I’m Alive!